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Get the special attention your project deserves. Head First

    Media will produce a signature sound for you that is truly

       memorable! Let Head First Media create an inspired

           composition for your television, radio or multimedia


With two totally digital production studios to choose from,

  Head First Media can record, edit and sweeten any audio

   project. Our 64 track digital Pro Tools 24 bit workstation is.

     the backbone of the audio production facility.

     Isolated vocal booths, MIDI keyboard suites and special

    digital audio effects help make your project a success

   every time.


      And as for creature comforts… hardwood floors, free wifi

   and over 1,000 square feet of studio space provide a relaxed and

 comfortable setting for composing, performing and editing.


                          Music and Sound Effect Library

                Classical, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, New Age, Rock n’ Roll, Head First

         Media has it all. With thousands of musical ideas to choose from and Head First Media’s skilled audio engineers, your next production is sure to be a winner.


Click here to visit our studio's website and for a complete list of services and equipment.

Audio Demo 1 2.5 minutes    Audio Demo 2 2.5 minutes


Audio/Sound Design for Video/Multimedia Production

 Head First Media offers complete sound design-dialogue replacement, sound effects, ambient sounds and music adaptations for video and multimedia. Video interlock and a digital platform make Head First Media your best post production solution.